The focus of Sports Servants is empowering the children and adults of Belize to transform lives and communities through sports. However, this portion of the website is meant to serve Americans as a collection of resources from both the experiential learning Sports Servants has received in Belize, and the formal education on missions, crossing cultures, and World Christianity that our Founder, Zac Hood, has received from Regent College. We have selected the following subject areas as a way to explore major themes and wade out into deeper water. It is our hope that these resources can bring about change, however large or small, in your life, by seeing a depth to the Christian life through a calling to live missionally with God.

Re-Thinking Short-Term Missions
(A multi-billion dollar industry)

The Cross-Cultural Process
(Learning to be true friends through an infinitely translatable Gospel)

History of the Modern Missionary Movement
(1792-present: How we got here today)

Theology from Latin America
(Leading voices who have shaped World Christianity)

The Global Shift of World Christianity
(2/3 of the world’s Christians are in the non-Western world)

Missio Dei: A Shift to the Greatest Commission
(A theological paradigm shift based on God as missionary)

The Importance of the Church & Church Unity
(Seeking to work together)

Biblical Studies
(Learning to read the Bible better through context, genre, world views, and original languages)

(Being persons of contemplative action)