Staff & volunteers
Sports Servants has been blessed by the talents, gifts, and time of so many individuals who have served as volunteers to further the movement of empowering children and transforming communities in Belize. We are grateful for the hearts and minds of these people and the community that has formed from such meaningful work.

Board of Directors

Zac Hood
Jen Colquitt
Allen McDonald

Lisa Morgan

Zac Hood
As a senior at Vanderbilt University, Zac Hood got his first glimpse at a world very different than the one he knew in Nashville, Tennessee. Fueled by that initial trip to Belize and his passion for sports, youth, and helping others, Zac founded Sports Servants. As a volunteer Director, Zac works year-round on the programs, administration, and fundraising for the movement.
Mac Kelton
Director, The Belize Project

Mac Kelton, a Louisiana-native now in Nashville, first went to Belize in 2001. Since that visit, and in his role as Director of The Belize Project, he has found much joy in supporting the efforts of the Belizeans. Sports Servants started under the umbrella of The Belize Project before becoming its own entity in 2010.

Jim Fitzpatrick

A chance encounter led Jim “Fitz” Fitzpatrick to be a part of the first summer in Belize. Believing he was going down to Belize to change lives through basketball, he soon learned that Belizean children preferred a different ball. Although his experiences traveling and volunteering have helped Fitz gain an appreciation for new cultures and grow personally, his greatest wish is that he knew how to dribble without using his hands!

Reid McFadden

A change in summer plans allowed Reid McFadden to join the Sports Servants team during the summer of 2007. Bringing skills he learned from his coaches growing up, and a never-dying passion for sports and youth, Reid has fallen in love with the story and people of Belize. He is excited to see the growth of the coaches and the smiles on the kids’ faces as they continue to learn the love and passion for the game of soccer.

Dick Klausner

Richard Klausner, affectionately known as “Coach K,” is an English teacher and soccer coach at his alma mater, Montgomery Bell Academy. Using his knowledge and years of experience, he inspired Belizean coaches during the coaching workshops. Even though he has lived in beautiful places such as Colorado and California, Belize has won his heart as he has worked with an incredible group of coaches who live and coach with an unprecedented kind of nobility and grace.

Andrew Rozario

Andrew Rozario, a man with a passion for travel and adventure, made his debut in Belize in the summer of 2008. Using his talents in film and editing, Andrew spent his days on the sidelines of the camps with the Belizean children, who were captivated by his camera equipment. He used his artistic vision for sharing the story to capture footage for the Sports Servants videos.

Jennifer Colquitt

Although she has not been to Belize (yet!), Jennifer Colquitt has loved watching Zac’s vision and dream for Sports Servants become a reality. Jen attended Vandy with Zac and then received her Master’s in Sports Administration from Belmont.

Carver Morgan

As a member of the full-time team in 2008, Nashville-native, Carver Morgan, took a break from studying engineering at Vanderbilt to savor the Belizean culture fully by playing barefoot along with many of the children at the camps. Inspired and challenged by his experience and the people in Belize, he is excited about the continuation of the Sports Servants story.

Allen McDonald

Allen McDonald took a week off from running his Nashville-based commercial real estate business to join the Sports Servants team in July 2008. His love of coaching and soccer, and his experience in Belize, encouraged Allen to commit to helping the organization thrive and grow through sound strategic planning, fund raising, and more coaching training workshops in Belize.

Brad Lawrence

After playing and coaching soccer on the high school level, Brad Lawrence joined the Sports Servants journey in 2007 and was fortunate enough to spend summer 2008 in Belize where he helped with camps and program curriculum design.

Chad Breedlove

As a certified athletic trainer, Chad Breedlove has experience working with schools, teams, and clinics in the Nashville area. He first traveled with Sports Servants in 2006 to share his knowledge of sports medicine with coaches in Belize. Chad has been instrumental in assisting Obed Lopez in realizing his dream of opening a sports medicine shop in Corozal.

Kirk Brown

Kirk Brown, a Nashville-native, received his Master’s Degree in Architecture and has spent time working with architects and in youth ministry. He has been a part of the SS Team for several summers, and his backpack is full of random things (i.e. duct tape, rope) has saved the day in Belize. Kirk uses his talents in photography to help share the story.

Other Team Members

Dustin and Brooke Dunning • Elizabeth Britt • Presh Killebrew • Laura Hershenow • David Monfore • Luke Durham • Virginia Hood • Jamie Hawkins • Rusty Goodsell • David and Linda Young • Susan Breedlove • Nathan Philips • Scott and Mary Gwen Sagen • Brandon Tortorice • Anderson Frey • Gretchen Ekiss • Ellice Lee • William Morgan • Julian Bibb • Micah Jones • John Crain • Joel Ellis • Stephen Young Family • Josh Wheliss Family • Jeremy Kelton • Dave and Brooke Schroeder • Kimberly Carraway • Miller and Margaret Harris

Special Thanks To

Mac Kelton • Matthew McCullough • Hays Waldrop • Colin Schmidt • Xan Hood • Marcus Littles • Abby Butler