At the center of every village in Belize rests a soccer field…

At the center of any Belizean conversation rests the game of soccer. If you want to see a pair of eyes light up, ask any Belizean about their love for soccer. Its their passion and their hope. And with few outlets for developing children and youth, soccer is the clear initiative to transform communities in Belize.


Sports Servants serves as a catalyst for changed lives and transformed communities through the outlet of sports. Belizean youth and adults serve as leaders, teachers, and trainers for children and peers with holistic sports programs. Non-Belizeans serve as friends, encouragers, and connectors to trainings and resources for these programs. 


“Sports has the ability to change the world, the power to inspire, the power to unite people in a way that little else can. It speaks to people in a language they understand. Sports can hope where there was once despair. It is an instrument of peace.”
-Nelson Mandela

In many ways Americans have lost the idea of what is important about sports. It’s not about jumbotrons, jerseys, or million dollar contracts. It’s not even about winning. We believe that before money, power, or fame crept into the world of sports, it was good—very good. It’s a path that can lead us to real life. Many who are looking for direction can finally find a sense of purpose, a place to meet new friends, and an opportunity to learn the important values of discipline, respect, teamwork, leadership, self confidence, communication, and sportsmanship without even realizing it. More than anything, it’s a place where the hopeless can find hope because they become part of a greater story going on in this world.

Many parts of the world need necessary organizational and leadership training in order to have effective sports programs. In the absence of programs, dangerous and destructive paths are being formed that leave children and youth left to discover life on their own. We fight this by establishing a better alternative by improving and enhancing what they already enjoy… sports. We set up camps, leagues, coaching workshops and other events where kids and adults can play and learn more about the game that they love.