about us
Most of us can’t imagine what it would be like to be 6-14 years old and not be able to participate in something we loved. Think about it. When you were 6-14 years old, what made you come alive? What did you enjoy doing? And now think of the lessons learned and the intangibles that came with that activity. Can you remember the names, faces, and experiences that brought life to you in that environment? Can you remember the leaders and mentors you had at that stage? Creating that kind of outlet is our mission.

There are many young men and women who are making a difference in their communities in Belize because of our programs. Our hope is to unite others around this mission so they can work together and serve their own communities.


Sports Servants started from an idea in March of 2005 when director Zac Hood (Nashville, TN) took a one-week mission trip to Corozal, Belize. While falling in love with the Belizean people and culture, he discovered a deep need for structured activities for Belizean children. During that trip, he realized the powerful role sports can play in empowering children and communities and, later that summer, worked with mentors to write a basic plan for initiating organized sports programs in Belize.

Sports Servants came into existence in the fall of 2005 as a result of partnerships with The Belize Project, Mission to the World, and the YMCA of Belize. After a planning trip in March of 2006, the first summer trip was taken by 8 volunteers over a span of 8 weeks in June and July of 2006. With few expectations but high hopes, the summer resulted in valuable experience and strong relationships within schools and villages. The first programs offered were a series of one-day coaching workshops and six week-long soccer camps in 6 different villages.

The first primary school intramural program began In 2009, founded by Belizean teachers. This first school program has served as a model for other teachers and principals to join and work together.


From 2005-2009 Sports Servants existed under the umbrella of the non-profit 501(c)3 organization The Belize Project. We are grateful to them for the wisdom, experience, and resources they offered in order to help us grow and develop. The Belize Project is a non-profit committed to helping Belizeans who are making a difference.

Since their existence, The Belize Project has sent over 500 people to Belize to build – to build understanding, to build infrastructure, and to build trust through relationships. They have forged relationships throughout the country in numerous communities with a commitment to developing the following areas—education, health care and micro-enterprise.